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  • AChapADay: Chapter Sixteen
    Saturday, April 14 Life altering.  That’s what Friday night was.  In one evening Anna’s perspective on what was possible in her life changed completely.  All thoughts of revenge and kidnapping evaporated with the kindness shown to her by Scout, her friends, and the girls.  Which was weird.  She’d spent so many years blaming Scout for the way her life had… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Sixteen
  • AChapADay: Chapter 15 + VOTE!!!
    Saturday, April 14 Mack opened her eyes and quickly scrunched them shut again.  The room was filled with bright light.  She felt the warmth of the sun on her face and smiled.  Before this blizzard hit, Minnesota was finally feeling like spring.  And while the past couple of days had been pretty, she was ready for sun, and warmth, and… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter 15 + VOTE!!!
  • AChapADay: Chapter Fourteen
    Friday, April 13 Anna waited to hear the door shut behind the girls and then slipped out of her room.  She quickly walked to the lobby and when she didn’t see Hank, she pushed the “up” button at the elevator bank.  She may not have known what she wanted to do next, but she knew she didn’t… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Fourteen
  • AChapADay: Chapter Thirteen
    Friday, April 13 Scout looked from the woman getting a pedicure to Mack and knew right away who she was.  “Is this Ms. Jones?”  Mack’s smile must have given it away because Scout smiled too then, and looked back to Ms. Jones. “I can’t tell you how much my little girl missed you when you left.  You… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Thirteen
  • AChapADay: Chapter Twelve
    Friday, April 13 Sharice’s personality was big even when she was a kid.  She realized at a young age that if she was loud and boisterous, other people would let their guard down around her, and be more themselves.  She was amazed, even still, that strangers would tell her things she would never think of admitting to… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Twelve