AChapADay: Chapter Six

Thursday, April 12, 2020 Anna slowly pulled onto a dirt access road about 100 yards before the driveway for The Carlos Lake Lodge. She turned off her headlights, the lights from the lodge making it bright enough to navigate through the trees.  She hadn’t really enjoyed the inheritance fully until this moment.  When she learned her grandmother had… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Six

AChapADay, Vote!

AChapADay: Chapter Five + First Vote!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2020 It started snowing an hour into their drive, and an hour before they arrived.  They turned right and drove slowly down the long winding driveway lined with dense tall pine trees that veered off the main road and down a steep hill.  When the lodge came into view it stood tall and wide… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Five + First Vote!!!


AChapADay: Chapter Four

Thursday, April 12, 2020 Anna was lucky.   Well, not as a rule, usually she was incredibly unlucky.  That was the problem.  That and that everyone was out to get her.  She’d felt that way since the day she met Scout O’Leary.  But she couldn’t dwell on that today.  Today, she was lucky.   She left her house a full 45 minutes… Continue reading AChapADay: Chapter Four


AChapADay: Prologue – The Story Starts Here!

Saturday, April 14, 2020 The woman standing to the left of the Douglas County Sheriff looked more put together than she had any right to.  Her long blonde hair was messy coming out from under the baseball cap she wore but it looked like it was messy on purpose, her makeup was perfect, and she looked… Continue reading AChapADay: Prologue – The Story Starts Here!